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Spring Medical joins the X -Link Solutions Network.

Spring Medical Systems and the X -Link Solutions Network are pleased to announce the availability of integration systems that allow Spring Charts EHR to transfer data to and from virtually all popular PMS (billing) programs.

X -Link integrations are well-proven and are already in use by over 14,000 providers worldwide - including many that run SpringCharts with Lytec or Medisoft. SpringCharts/X -Link integrations are currently offered for over 60 leading PMS products.

A Real Solution for PMS/EHR Data Integration
Armed with a SpringCharts/X -Link integration, small to medium sized practices can manage their entire practice more effectively with a complete solution that unifies all patient data in one system that is easy to use and maintain. The X -Link product for SpringCharts is reasonably-priced and easy to set up and use.

Many practices report almost immediate ROI as X -Link Solutions quickly pay for themselves through dramatic increases in productivity, the virtual elimination of redundant data entry into multiple systems and much more accurate billing and claims.

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