X-Link Solutions Network 

Our Vision:  

The X-Link Solutions Network was created to provide increased productivity to physician practices.  It provides a viable alternative to the current PMS to EMR solution.  End users could only choose the factory integrated solution for an EMR.  With X-Link RTI (Real Time Interfacing), users can choose from over 50 different clinical solutions for their practice management system.  Additionally, with X-Link EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), users can choose direct claims, lower cost alternative clearinghouses, or free clearinghouses that are not available from their Practice Management System vendor.

Our Mission:  

To provide low cost alternative solutions to reduce redundancy in physician offices, which in-turn creates increased productivity and decreased operating expense.  Additionally, these solutions will provide physicians and their staff more time to focus on patient care, and less on the administrative side of the business.


The X-Link Solutions Network gives its members the Power of Choice.  By choosing to become a member of the XSN, you give your clients the power of choice.  You also diversify your business assets and prevent potential supply chain problems.  

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